a confession

When I eat at restaurants that serve breakfast foods, I always order French toast. (Unless it’s Kerbey Lane, and then I order the apple whole wheat pancakes because there are very few things in the world as good as Kerbey Lane’s pancakes….or I order the queso because it’s the best queso I’ve ever had. *sigh* I miss Austin.) …

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things i need to learn

For my latest writing project, I need to learn the following things: 1. Herbal lore from about the 17th century. 2. Sheep-herding practices from the same time. 2a. Although all I really need to know about that is what things are done at what time of the year. 2b. And maybe some shepherding phraseology. 3. …

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Vacation is coming up at the end of this week. What with moving and a new job, it’s been well over a year and a half since I had a whole week off of work. Oh, I’ve had a day here and a day there, a few long weekends, and holidays, but not a whole …

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