Settling Down

I just moved for the fourth time in four years. Four crossing state lines kind of moves. This latest move is different because I don’t know when the next move will happen. The next big move, that is. In about a year we’ll do an in-town move when we buy a house, and that’s part of what makes this move different. We plan to buy a house here.

With every other move we’ve had a definite time frame of how long we would stay–two years in one place, one year in another, then back to the first place for a year.

And now this. We’ve moved and have no plans in the foreseeable future to move. It feels good to be in a place that we know will be our home for a while. It feels great to know we can settle down and build a life that looks more permanent than the transiency of the last four years.

But at the same time I wonder, do I know how to really settle down? I’ve moved so frequently that I feel like I’ve become a pro at transitioning quickly. All (well, most) of the boxes are unpacked, pictures are hanging on the walls, I’ve found places to shop and already have a favorite place to get BBQ and another favorite place to get ice cream. I have a new driver’s license, and, as of today, a new library card. I’ve gone through all the motions of settling down. But how do I put down roots that will grow deep and spread out? How do I grow rather than just survive in this new place?

I imagine it will take some time to figure that out, to discover what long-term life looks like here. And the wonderful thing is…I have time! I’m not going anywhere.

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