I’m Sherrah. Sometimes I remember to blog.

After several years working in the field of communications, I now work as a freelance editor, writer, and communications manager. (That means I manage this youth ministry website, and I do some editing for this leadership organization, and I help manage my church’s website.)

I’m the wife of a pastor and the mom of a very busy pre-schooler and an equally busy toddler. I do a lot of laundry; I’m an expert on all things Daniel Tiger, Wild Kratts, and Rescue Bots; and I spend a lot of time pretending my house is clean. In my free time, I read as often as I can and revise a young adult fairy tale-ish novel that I hope to one day attempt to get published.


  1. Hey there!
    greetings from a fellow Sherrah! I just wondered if you knew anything about your family history – it’s quite an uncommon name…
    Would love to hear from you!
    Helen Sherrah-Davies

  2. Sherrah is my first name…my mom saw “Shara” in a magazine and liked it but wanted to change the spelling. So, no family history connected to it. But either first or last, it is uncommon!

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